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So if you get a strange person friending you, it's me lol.
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friends cut.

If you didn't survive the friends cut, it's because:

a. I don't read your journal anymore.
b. I don't comment to your journal or you don't comment to mine (or both).
c. Your journal is dead.

Anyone who is no long of my Flist, who still has me added, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you were to remove me.
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guide to those who have self-harming friends

Including Do's & Don't's

01. Don't ask them why. If they want you to know why, they will tell you. Most of the time they don't even know why.
02. Sometimes they just need to tell someone, because they fucking need to.
03. Never talk about him/her behind their back. They will find out and they will be pissed. They prefer you to speak directly to them.
04. If you ask them to never self-harm again, and they say "okay", they're lying.
05. Never ask them to never self-harm again.
06. Don't try and understand why they do it. You're wasting your time.
07. If you don't know what to do, just ask them "Are you [insert appropriate form of harm here]? Do you need to talk about it?"
08. Get over your own insecurities about worrying if they'll hate you for asking.
09. Asking shows concern. Not asking shows negligence and an "I really couldn't care less" attitude.
10. Telling a teacher/parent/counsellor/other friend before talking to the person in question shows "I can't be fucked working up the courage to ask them myself". But it's better than #09.
11. Offering suggestions of other means of coping is pointless.
12. Tell them that you're there for them. No matter what. And you never judge. And you will always listen. And you will always just be there. And sometimes you never have to say a word at all. Sometimes they don't want you to say anything.
13. It does not mean they love or enjoy pain.
14. It gives them the right to make fun of themselves/other self harmers.
15. Depending on the situation, it does not give you the right to.
16. Classifying them as "emo" only reduces yourself to an illinformed bitch who believes you're God's gift.
17. It is not always a case of attention-seeking. A lot of the time it isn't.
18. Self harm is a way of coping with emotions. While most people might cry and scream and rant and rage, self-harmers generally don't express those sorts of emotions openly, and bottle them inside. The only way they know that works of releasing them is by inflicting pain on themselves. Hence the NOT ATTENTION SEEKING.
19. If they wanted attention they would go slit their wrists in the toilets at school and walk out with their clothes soaking in blood, collapse in the middle of the school grounds, and wail.
20. Other people self harm because they're so emotionally numb on the inside, they need the pain to remind themselves that they're alive.
21. Others hurt themselves because they believe they deserve it.
22. There are 39846324956234986487562387456238475123518746459865 other reasons for self harm.
23. There is not one direct cause. There is usually a trigger. A trigger may be a picture of a cut. That will get them thinking of cuts. That will get them into the mindset of cutting. And inevitably, they will want to cut.
24. Other triggers include any form of high negative emotion.
25. There is a difference between cutting for release and cutting for addiction.
26. Addiction-cutting is when you used to cut because you needed it, and now you cut because you can't stop. You have no way of controlling the emotions without cutting. So you cut when you're angry, sad, depressed, etc. It works. Temporarily. So when the same emotion comes up, they do it again. Only this time it doesn't work as well. So they do it harder. And etc.
27. They know they shouldn't do it, it's no use telling them that.
28. Some of them like their scars, some of them hate them. Some are proud of them, some are ashamed. Just because one likes them and the other doesn't, does not mean that the one who likes them is "okay" with what they do.
29. The need and want to self-harm rarely goes away.
30. Ask them questions about what they do. If they don't want to talk about it - don't push it. But if they do want to talk about it - keep asking questions. Don't let them do all the talking. Ask questions. Questions are caring. Questions show them that you love them enough to want to know what they do, so you can understand and be there for them as best as you can.

30 things you need to know about self-harmers was brought to you by peacelove_happy, inspired by a nameless member of her flist and her experiences of late.
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anonymous sex confessional

I scored this idea from chaosity♥, who was inspired by moi :DDD.

So. Fetishes.

Everyone has them. You might not even think of it as a fetish - just something you think is appealing. It can be as vanilla, kinky, elaborate or simple as you like. Or as few as one, or as many as twelve.

So. The return of the anonymous comments. What do/would you find incredibly sexy? It can be something you do, something someone does to you, or maybe a costume or a toy. Anything.

You can also leave your less-than socially acceptable sexual experiences here. Tell me something you've always wanted to tell someone, but were afraid to.
What have you done? What haven't you done? What would you like to do? Who with? How many times have you done it? Would you do it again? Etc etc.

Me? I think cutting someone and having them cut you would be terribly exciting. And restraining someone else. And I'd love to sex to a Marilyn Manson song, something like (s)aint. And wrists, with scars on them. And wrists in general. I find them very sexy. Also, corsets. Oh yes.
Now it's your turn.

Comments are NOT screened, so make sure they're anonymous, unless of course you don't mind being known ^_^.
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anonymous confessional


Tell me something in an anonymous comment.
Something you want, need, are angry about. Anything. Sometimes it helps to write things down.
Tell me a secret.
Tell me what you can't tell anyone else.
If you want, tell me you have a secret crush on someone you shouldn't.
Tell me anything at all.

Comments are screened.
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friends cut

I just did a massive friends cut.

I cut you because:
01. I never comment to your entries.
02. You never comment to mine.
03. Your journal's dead.
04. I stopped reading your journal.
05. We just... stopped talking.
06. I friended you but you didn't friend me.

If you're still here it's because:
01. I still read your journal.
02. I want to comment more.
03. You comment to my journal.
04. I comment to yours.
05. You've only recently been added to my flist.
06. I love you.

I also am giving anyone on my flist this opportunity to de-friend me without having to explain yourself, without feeling bad, etc. So if you want to de-friend me, go ahead.

I would appreciate it if everyone who is NOT on MY flist, who has me friended, to defriend me. Simply because it keeps my profile page clean. And if you HAVE NOT COMMENTED to where I SAID to comment if you wanted to be friended back, then I WILL NOT FRIEND YOU.
That's why we have profile pages. So people read them and learn about users. So if I say "Comment to this post if you want to be friended back. No comment, no add." I MEAN IT.
So if you want me to friend you back, comment to the appropriate post please.
I don't want to sound like a fucking bitch, but dudes, it pisses me off when people friend me and don't comment, and then wonder why I didn't friend them back.
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Friends Cut

I just did a friends cut.
If I cut you it was because:

a) You never commented
b) I never commented your Lj
c) We never EVER talked
d) I stopped reading your Lj
e) Your Lj's dead (or at least appears to be)
f) I had you friended but you didn't friend me back (not including icon journals)

And if you're still here it's because:

a) ILU
b) You're new to my flist
c) You comment, I comment
d) I always read your Lj
e) You make me smile :)
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(no subject)


An angel anonymous user just gave me 2 months of paid time.

Holy shit dude.


Btw new layout + header + friend: stil143
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(no subject)

Before I skip off to school (heh), I have a question for all of dear lovelies on my flist who are artists/are into art.

I'm looking for two artists who explore one (or all) of the following with their artwork:
- Human behaviour
- Psychology
- Psychosis
- Mental health
- A sense of being "trapped" (be it physically or emotionally or spiritually etc)

The artists don't have to be artists in the traditional sense with paint and a brush. Give me photography, printmaking, digital art, etc. Anything at all, as long as their work has something to do with the above^. Preferably someone with a website, a biography, someone that I can really look into.

Many thanks in advance.
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